Degas Mission & Values 

Mission Statement

Changing people’s lives, dramatically. 

At Degas, we don't just change people's lives; we do so dramatically by moving from zero to one, creating new values rather than just improving existing ones. We focus on transforming the lives of a billion smallholder farmers in Africa and beyond.


Take Ownership

Everyone at Degas is a leader. Be proactive and accountable. Leaders never say, "That's outside my responsibility." Act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just your team.

Earn Trust

People place their trust in you because of what you do. Leaders listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. Be vocally self-critical, even when it’s uncomfortable. Benchmark yourself and your team against the best globally.

Have Impact

Always ask, "Does it maximize both economic and social impact?" Move with a Day 1 mindset to embrace new challenges and forget your past achievements.