Degas Welcomes Yohei Nakayama as CTO to Strengthen Tech Operations

August 8, 2023

Degas is thrilled to announce the appointment of Yohei Nakayama as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With a steadfast commitment to propelling innovation, Yohei’s global perspective and expertise will play a pivotal role in steering Degas’ unique technologies towards the forefront of excellence.

Background of CTO Appointment:

Degas has extended financial support to a total of 46,000 smallholder farmers across Africa, a demographic that had previously been marginalized by conventional financial institutions. This initiative is powered by a combination of proprietary native apps, localized operations, real-time data accumulation, and AI-fueled credit scoring. Drawing upon Yohei’s proficiencies garnered from his roles at organizations such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NASA, with a focus on global-level machine learning and satellite observation analysis, Degas is poised to innovate diverse solutions and establish a more robust digital strategy. These include expanded financial avenues for African smallholder farmers and providing insights for mitigating flood and drought risks in agriculture. With Yohei’s expertise, Degas aims to solidify their stance as a technological powerhouse via strategic partnerships with international foundations and joint research endeavors with esteemed institutions.

Yohei Nakayama’s Profile:

Yohei holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Kyoto University (shortened program), where his pioneering research, centered on satellite observation data and computational simulations, led to his appointment as a visiting researcher at Johns Hopkins University APL and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Notably, his tenure at Amazon Web Services (AWS) saw him lead critical projects at the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab (MLSL) including the development of large language models (LLM). His leadership extends to academia, where he served as an adjunct professor at Keio University, specializing in systems engineering. For pro bono efforts, Yohei’s work culminated in the creation of the widely used election information platform “JAPAN CHOICE”, a recipient of the esteemed Internet Media Awards 2022 Grand Prize. He collaborated with Doga Makiura on “Next Space”, a pioneering venture analyzing African farmland via satellite observation data prior to the establishment of Degas Ltd.

Message from Yohei Nakayama:

“Degas collects abundant data from untapped and non-visualized smallholder African farmers through its business and product development. Amid growing concerns about AI usage, we are committed to being at the forefront of AI for Good, providing credit formation, finance opportunities, income improvement, and stability for smallholder African farmers.”

Casual Interviews:

Degas is recruiting for various tech positions, including Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, and Android Engineers. Casual interviews are also available. If you’re interested, feel free to contact

About Degas Ltd. / Degas Ghana Ltd.:

Degas, a leading tech startup with a vision of “Changing people’s lives, dramatically.” Focused on maximizing impact, Degas drives a core smallholder farmer financing business, leveraging data-driven operations and AI-based credit decisions. With 46,000 farmers financed, 20,000 hectares managed, and a remarkable 95% loan recovery rate, Degas is focusing on regenerative agriculture to promote soil regeneration and CO2 sequestration. As Degas manages one of Africa’s largest regenerative agricultural farms, spanning 400 hectares, they empower farmers while contributing to global decarbonization, despite Africa having the lowest contribution to climate change.

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