Prominent ESG Expert Kenji Fuma Joins Degas as Advisor – Expanding Product Development of Visualising Smallholder Farmers in Raw Material Sourcing Aligned with Japanese Corporate Sustainability Strategies

August 25, 2023

Degas Ltd. is excited to introduce its new ESG advisor Kenji Fuma, a renowned expert in sustainability management. This strategic move aims to propel Degas’ product offerings aligned with Japanese corporate sustainability strategies. With Degas, Kenji will help place emphasis on enhancing the visibility of smallholder farmers in raw material sourcing. Leveraging his expertise and extensive background in ESG, Degas is committed to addressing sustainability issues encountered by Japanese corporations while championing its vision of “Changing people’s lives dramatically.”

Background of ESG Advisor Appointment:

Degas has extended financial support to a total of 46,000 smallholder farmers across Africa, a demographic that had previously been marginalized by conventional financial institutions. Powered by a combination of proprietary in-house developed native apps, localised operations, real-time data accumulation, and AI-fueled credit scoring, this initiative has led to increased productivity and income among smallholder farmers. In alignment with our newly added mission to “Decarbonise the world from Africa”, we are implementing regenerative agriculture at the largest scale seen in Africa today, which focuses on carbon sequestration and reduced fertilizer use via soil rehabilitation practices.

In response to global trends and increased pressure from institutional investors for sustainability management, major Japanese companies, especially in industries such as food and apparel, are dedicating resources to visualising and tracing their supply chains upstream to smallholder farmers. In this context, Degas stands out as having the world’s largest food and beverage company amongst their clientele and having effectively realised complete traceability of smallholder farmers via its native application, QR tags, and formalised operations. By doing so, Degas ensures that information is monitored on who, where, and when their products are produced as well as how they flow through the supply chain.

With Kenji’s appointment as ESG Advisor, we aim to expand this business model further to a wider range of large corporations and accelerate sustainability management in Japan.

In July 2023, we announced a business partnership with Fuji Oil Ghana, a leader in the global market for chocolate oil for commercial use, to advance this initiative.

*Fuji Oil Holdings were awarded the “Triple A” distinction in three categories, “Climate Change,” “Forests,” and “Water Security,” in the 2021 CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the world’s largest climate change disclosure platform (out of 14 companies worldwide, including past honorees Fuji Oil and Kao). Fuji Oil Holdings has pledged to achieve “traceability” for its entire supply chain, encompassing all oil extraction facilities and plantations, by 2030.


Fuji Oil Group’s Sustainability Initiatives

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Degas Partners with Fuji Oil Ghana of the Fuji Oil Group
[Learn more] about Degas’ collaboration with Fuji Oil Ghana, a subsidiary of the Fuji Oil Group.

The ever changing landscape of the sustainability sector is seeing significant investment and resource allocation from global companies particularly in firms in the food and beverage sector. In line with this, we have enlisted Kenji, a leading expert in EDG investment with extensive advisory experience to large corporations and various government offices. We intend to leverage the expertise and knowledge that we have gained from financing smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and implementing regenerative agriculture processes to benefit a wider range of businesses.

Additionally, Kenji will provide guidance and collaboration on ESG disclosure, as well as contribute to the activities of the Japan Alliance for High Quality Carbon Credit (JAHQCC), an alliance established by Degas to utilize high-quality carbon credits for addressing climate change and social issues in developing countries while improving income levels.


[Learn more] about how Degas established the Japan Alliance for High-Quality Carbon Credit (JAHQCC), which aims to contribute to addressing climate change and social issues in developing countries and raising income levels through high-quality carbon credits.

Profile of Kenji Fuma:

CEO of Neural Co., Ltd. | Adjunct Professor at Shinshu University Green Society Co-Creation Organization | Chief Editor of “Sustainable Japan” news media | Strategic and Financial Consultant With a proven track record, Kenji established an ESG advisory firm in 2013 and currently leads as its CEO. He has provided consulting services to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime listed companies and prominent financial institutions, specialising in ESG matters. Kenji’s roles span beyond the corporate sphere—he acts as an external director for listed companies, a special director of the J. League, and a director of an international NGO. Renowned for his expertise in ESG investment in Japan, Kenji has actively contributed as a policy committee member across various government ministries and local jurisdictions, shaping ESG principles. His knowledge extends internationally, evidenced by his engagements with international multilateral institutions like the World Bank and the United Nations, where he delivers lectures on ESG finance and sustainability management. A seasoned commentator, Kenji’s insights have graced television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Kenji holds a master’s degree in sustainability from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, supplemented by an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, specialising in International Relations.

Comment from Kenji Fuma:

“In the coming years, the global food supply chain will require significant transformations to address both climate change and the preservation of natural resources. This challenge has been acknowledged at the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), G7 and G20 as one of the world’s most urgent issues to be solved. The greatest impediment is how to transfer this message to the 870 million farmers in the world. I highlighted this point during the global conference, GEA (Global Environmental Action) to the international community. Degas has already gained the trust of smallholder farmers in Ghana and initiated the transition to regenerative agriculture. This is a beacon of hope for stakeholders worldwide. Moving forward, I am committed to supporting Degas’ sustainable growth.”

About Degas Ltd. / Degas Ghana Ltd.:

Degas, a leading tech startup with a vision of “Changing people’s lives, dramatically.” Focused on maximizing impact, Degas drives a core farmer financing business, leveraging data-driven operations and AI-based credit decisions. With 46,000 smallholder farmers financed, 20,000 hectares managed, and a remarkable 95% loan recovery rate, Degas is focusing on regenerative agriculture to promote soil regeneration and CO2 sequestration. As Degas manages one of Africa’s largest regenerative agricultural farms, spanning 400 hectares, they empower smallholder farmers while contributing to global decarbonization, despite Africa having the lowest contribution to climate change.

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