Japan Alliance for High Quality Carbon Credit (JAHQCC) to Attend Asia Climate Summit as Platinum Sponsor to Propel Climate Action

October 19, 2023

Tokyo, Japan – JAHQCC, the Japan Alliance for High Quality Carbon Credit, is proud to announce its participation as a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming IETA Asia Climate Summit in Tokyo. The event, taking place from October 24th to 26th, serves as a global stage for thought leaders, industry experts, and climate advocates to explore innovative solutions and strategies for addressing climate change in the Asia-Pacific region.

JAHQCC, founded in July 2023, is a private sector alliance committed to promotion, creation and help distribution of high-integrity carbon credits. These high-integrity carbon credits play a pivotal role in the global decarbonization effort and bringing innovative capital to developing nations while simultaneously solving underlying its social issues. The alliance boasts esteemed founding members including Ajinomoto, Japan Tobacco, and the MUFG Bank. JAHQCC’s mission is to provide the latest information to raise awareness about high-integrity carbon credits among Japanese companies, create business opportunities and to catalyze innovative financial mechanisms in collaboration with partners.

By attending this prestigious event as a Platinum Sponsor, JAHQCC seeks to reinforce its commitment to combating climate change and supporting the world’s transition to net zero. President Doga Makiura will spearhead JAHQCC’s attendance at the summit and speak at a special event organized by the alliance titled, “Now or Never – What Japan can do to Change the Game.” and the plenary session, “The Role of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) in Asia-Pacific”. Doga also serves as the CEO of Degas Ltd., a leading technology company with a commitment to sustainable farming practices and ‘Changing people’s lives, dramatically.’ Degas drives change in the lives of African smallholder farmers, having financed over 46,000farmers and managed 20,000 hectares of land.

In addition to its Platinum Sponsorship and attendance, JAHQCC will actively participate in round table discussions.These discussions will provide an ideal forum for JAHQCC to share its insights, experiences, and expertise in high-quality carbon credits and related initiatives. The IETA Asia Climate Summit is an opportunity for JAHQCC to network with like-minded individuals and organizations, engage in knowledge-sharing, and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

JAHQCC expresses its enthusiasm and dedication to the success of the IETA Asia Climate Summit, and looks forward to the collaborative spirit and impactful discussions that will shape the future of climate action in the Asia-Pacific region and the world.


JAHQCC (Japan Alliance for High Quality Carbon Credit) is a private sector alliance to promote, create and help distribute high integrity carbon credits to decarbonise the world, and solve underlying social issues. Founded in July 2023 with three founding members : Ajinomoto, Japan Tobacco and the MUFG Bank, JAHQCC provides the latest information to raise awareness about high integrity carbon credits among Japanese companies, and aims to catalyse innovative finance mechanisms to deploy capital in this field with partners.

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