Degas to Spearhead Regenerative Agriculture in Africa Scaling RA Practices to 400 Hectares In Northern Ghana

November 1, 2023

Degas Successfully Scales Learnings from Pilot Study Focused on Promoting Regenerative Agricultural Practices

Degas’ mission to significantly raise the productivity and income of smallholder farmers in Africa by using technology resonates with our drive to revolutionise agriculture. Our vision of “Changing people’s lives, dramatically” is the driving force behind our journey to integrate regenerative agriculture practices into our operations and further our ambitions for carbon sequestration. This commitment has led us to explore innovative methods of carbon sequestration, including the incorporation of regenerative agriculture practices into our portfolio.

Image displays regular Degas field (left) and Degas’ RA field with soybean intercrops (right)

In 2022, Degas worked on a small-scale Regenerative Agriculture (RA) pilot project in collaboration with Nestlé and the Center for No Till Agriculture (CNTA). Covering six acres of farmland in Northwestern Ghana, this project focused on implementing minimal tillage techniques for maize cultivation. The results were remarkable, with healthier soil and reduced erosion, marking a significant milestone in reshaping farming practices, improving smallholder farmer’s livelihoods, and reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.

Incorporating the learnings from the 2022 pilot, Degas has committed to incorporating RA practices into 3% of its portfolio (1,000 acres). Coined as, “Degas RA”, the company’s personal take on regenerative agriculture encompasses a holistic approach that includes conservation agriculture (i.e. no/low tillage, permanent organic soil coverage and crop diversification), decentralised biochar production and application in collaboration with the Pond Foundation and, from next year, agroforestry.

Doga Makiura, CEO of Degas, expresses excitement about scaling regenerative agriculture to our farms, saying, “Degas is ready to take the next steps in incorporating ‘Degas RA’ into our agricultural practices. We eagerly anticipate expanding our RA initiatives, further scaling up acreage and introducing new practices like cover cropping and biochar production while quantifying and standardising such methodologies by using technology. By adopting RA practices, we aim to contribute to a net-zero society and drive global decarbonization efforts from Africa.”

Degas’ establishment of RA in our portfolio is a big step forward in our goal of carbon sequestration, environmental stewardship, and reinforces our unwavering commitment to the establishment of a more resilient and regenerative future for agriculture in Africa. Working with companies on top of the aforementioned organisations allows Degas to further scale RA operations in Africa. Degas is honoured to partner with leading players to scale Degas RA such as the Gates Foundation, Planet Labs, and JIRCAS (Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences).

About Degas Ltd. / Degas Ghana Ltd.:

Degas is a leading tech startup with a vision of “Changing people’s lives, dramatically.” Focused on maximising impact, Degas drives a core farmer financing business, leveraging data-driven operations and AI-based credit decisions. With 46,000 smallholder farmers financed, 20,000 hectares managed, and a remarkable 95% loan recovery rate, Degas is focusing on regenerative agriculture to promote soil regeneration and CO2 sequestration. As Degas manages one of Africa’s largest regenerative agricultural farms, spanning 400 hectares, they empower farmers while contributing to global decarbonization, despite Africa having the lowest contribution to climate change.

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